Monday, November 13, 2006

RCIA: Week Two

Originally posted in my personal journal on October 30, 2006 regarding Mass on October 29, 2006:

For our second week of RCIA, Tom and I opted out of the field trip to St Mary of the Woods because we were concerned the bus wouldn't return in time for him to report back to post since a busy schedule for Monday meant a busy night for him on Sunday -- and an early return to Fort Campbell. We also felt it best to opt out because Melissa was not going to be able to attend because her husband would be out of town on business, leaving her with no one to watch the kids. The trip coordinator seemed disappointed when I told her we weren't coming, but she understood.

Since none of us went on the trip, Melissa, Tom, and I decided to meet for 9am Mass and sit together with Melissa's parents (I had met her mother at the meeting). Mass with two small children is rather interesting -- as is any church service with two small children -- but we managed. I was proud that I actually understood more of what was happening and was able to say more of the prayers, etc without relying on the book. I didn't feel awkward while performing the sign of the cross with Holy Water upon entering (and leaving) or while taking a knee (I can't remember the actual term) before entering our pew. And when it came time for the Sacrament, Melissa encouraged me to go up to receive a blessing. Tom abstained because he's really just getting back into practice after his deployment and didn't feel ready to partake. I, however, did receive a blessing, and I didn't feel self-conscious at all.

As it is, I'm not sorry we missed the trip. We may have missed a bonding experience for the group, but it's not like you can tell the Army to reschedule some things because it's a little inconvenient to have to come back to post earlier than usual. I also don't think Tom nor I were really ready for an all day trip with a bunch of people we barely know. Our time together is limited to what we can fit in on the weekends, and we tend to be very protective of it -- meaning we really don't like to schedule our weekends full of social and familial obligations. In the end, I felt that the opportunity to bond with my sponsor a little more and to attend a full Mass was more important and more valuable than the trip would have been.


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